The treatment of a pair of women’s 17thC shoes and clogs


Pair of buckle latchet shoes with clog overshoes (buckles missing). Shoe uppers of patterned silk, probably lampas weave showing pomegranate design. Leather clogs covered with plain rep weave silk.

Condition before treatment

Very poor; shoe uppers crushed, holed & split, some loss, failed back seams.

Client brief/role of object

Make safe for display and storage, provide information on the conservation process for museum visitors.


Humidification eased distortions. Failed seams re-stitched through original holes; semi-transparent patches and overlays supported silk, attached with stitches and adhesive. Custom-made support forms play a key part in the conservation process.

Condition after treatment

Less vulnerable and well supported, stable enough to fulfil future role; materials and evidence of use preserved.


Reproduced courtesy of Reading Museum Service and the Textile Conservation Centre, University of Southampton. Textile Conservation Centre, University of Southampton ©2009.

Kate Gill, TCC conservator

Treatment completed March 2007