The conservation of a trade union banner


ASLEFF trade union banner with painted design on both faces

Client brief/Role of object

Make safe for long term display in glazed wall cabinet.

Condition before treatment

Fair to poor condition overall; some stains and ingrained soils; very crumpled. Main areas of weakness at paint edges. Inflexibility of painted silk compared to unpainted silk created severe distortion and splits in silk. Some green wool pole tabs are weak, seams loose.


Mechanical action removed accretions from painted areas. Humidification reduced creases. Adhesive overlays of semi-transparent silk, re-joined silk to painted areas. Velcro™ provided an evenly tensioned hanging mechanism.

Condition after treatment

Banner sufficiently stable to be hung from Velcro™ in glazed display case.

Further information

[TCC 2625]


Reproduced courtesy of the March & District Museum and the Textile Conservation Centre, University of Southampton.’ Textile Conservation Centre, University of Southampton © 2009.

Kate Gill, TCC conservation team member

Treatment completed May 2008